Eric Schmehl
Spring 2010 Internship Experience

Throughout this semester, I have been interning at a local ING Financial office in Salisbury, NC. The office is located at the intersection of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Klumac Road. My assistant golf coach, James F. Mundy, is the sole proprietor of the office. He also works with Melissa Shandor, who specializes in insurance policies and maintenance of the office. Although his line of work, financial advising, is not what my course of study has been throughout my college career, I have learned many valuable lessons of the business world.

For example, proper attire has been stressed during my internship with Mr. Mundy. Also, I have become comfortable with skills that I did not have prior to this experience. As part of my job, I was responsible for answering the telephone. The experience I gained by interacting with customers and vendors has been priceless. I also became familiar with various procedures that are crucial to the success of the office. Organization is extremely important when dealing with client’s personal information. Throughout the semester, I was in charge of filing financial documents. Keeping these documents in proper order in the filing cabinet was an essential aspect of the firm’s success. Another new experience for me was the use of Microsoft Outlook. This program allows a firm to store valuable client and vendor information, as well as keep up with events on your calendar. I became very familiar with this program over the semester.

I also had some very hands on experience by providing several services to the clients. I spent a large amount of time working on tax returns by using TurboTax. I learned about many of the specific tax laws, and how to take advantage of the opportunities allowed to create the most favorable situation for the client. Another interesting experience I encountered was the reallocation of a client’s assets. When investing in mutual funds, a client’s assets must be divided up amongst several categories based on percentages. I worked with this client’s portfolio to reassign various assets to different categories to ensure that their investment objectives were being met.

I also had the opportunity to enhance and revise my resume while at the office. Melissa has had a vast amount of experience working with resumes. She suggested a number of formatting suggestions, such as alignment and spacing of document, font and size selection, and size of margins. She also corrected any improper wording I used in describing my objectives and work experience. I believe that her input could make the difference between me receiving the chance to interview for a job or not.

Overall, the experience I have gained this semester through this internship has been extremely useful. Although I didn’t focus on accounting, there were many activities that I was engaged in that take place in nearly all office settings. I feel even more prepared for life after college because of this opportunity.

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7th hole at Country Club of Salisbury

7th hole at Country Club of Salisbury